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Are you self-employed in a creative career, and want to share your trials and triumphs with others?

Many people enter the creative self-employment industry wide-eyed and hopeful. And while optimism is a driving force for small businesses to prosper, there are internal struggles that can hamper one's success. I am writing a book that will expose the trials and triumphs to help creative types to lead more fulfilling careers.

Is business slow, and you don't know what to do with the extra time? Do you feel like you're not contributing if you don't work 40 hours a week? Are you troubled by paying for health care? Are you working excessive hours and don't know how to give yourself a break?

I want to hear from all types...those who are so hard working and can't relax and those who procrastinate. The book will include a hopeful tone, but highlight the problems that the self-employed face. To contribute, visit http://www.kristenfischer.com/creatively.htm.
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Original Character development community

writers_almanac - A Writer's Book of Lists

Do you love your original fictional character(s)? Want to learn more about him/her/it/them? Join us!

Writer's Almanac is a community with questions for original character development. Four questions plus a bonus essay question every month.

Original characters only, please (roleplaying characters, short story or novel characters, any genre - so long as it is your own original work)
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Lab Arc Designs now seeking quality writers/ roleplayers

The Lab Arc Designs group currently runs the following games, all of which are now seeking applications from qualified applicants. Contact us via email at ourlostprophet@gmail.com , or by AIM at Lab Arc Designs to arrange an interview, or follow the directions as listed on the individual game's website. Note: If you would like to become a player in multiple Lab Arc games, you only need to apply once. Once you've been accepted, you can play in any of our games ever, for LIFE, unless you someday start to suck.

Great settings, unique games! Please read on....

About Lab Arc:
Lab Arc GM/Mods are writers and gamers with years of experience behind them.
We have been running online games since 1997.
Check out our website at www.labarc.com

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We also run a couple of RPG advertisement communities you should be aware of - buffyrpers for Buffy/Angel rpgs , and serenityrpgs for Serenity/Firefly and other space-opera or western themed game ads.

You can also join our Lab Arc Designs community, arcology to keep up on the latest news about our games and projects.

We'd really love to get some new players- don't be shy! We're quite friendly, and you're welcome to contact us over AIM at Lab Arc Designs for information on any of the games or to make an application.

Hope to hear from some of you soon!

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Cargoes, the student-run journal from Hollins University, is searching for poetry and fiction with heart, substance, and creativity.

Manuscripts must be typed. Poetry may be any length (5 per poet);
maximum length for fiction is 7,000 words and must be double-spaced.
Manuscripts will not be returned. Responses will be given only to those who include a SASE.
There is a $10 entry fee for each genre. Checks are to be made out to Cargoes.
Each piece must be accompanied by a separate cover letter with title, author's name, email, mailing address, and phone number.

Winners will be published in the 2005 issue of Cargoes and will receive two copies of the journal along with $200.

Cargoes was awarded the 2005 Undergraduate Literary Prize for Content by AWP (Associated Writer's and Writing Programs).

DEADLINE: JANUARY 7th                                            NOTIFICATION OF WINNERS: FEBRUARY 14th

Please mail submissions to:

Hollins University
PO Box 10163
Roanoke, VA 24020

Questions? cargoes@hollins.edu

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Research Question

Hi, I am helping someone research a novel and had a question, I was hoping someone on here might be able to help me.

I need the name of an upper-class-to wealthy NYC suburb in New Jersey, 4-6 bdrm houses on large lots, not very long drive from Manhattan, from which, on the drive back, you’d see the Manhattan skyline.

Can anyone think of one?
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7 Days To Fame

I apologize to all of the lurkers, but we've just added a spankin' new summer pic of Ann Lezbee to our Member Image Gallery! The pic is only accessable to our Backstage Pass Members, but if you'd like to become a member, just Click Here.

Also, check your July '05 Previews Catalog to preorder "7 Days To Fame #1 (of 3)", the new mini-series by After Hours Press featuring the Model Operandi art team of Dennis Budd and Joe Caramagna!

written by New Jersey's own Buddy Scalera!

A reality show about suicide! Has reality television gone too far when people will kill themselves for 15 minutes of fame? The hit show "7 day to Fame" gives people an opportunity to tell their life story...as long as they end their life on the show. A smart and fun story about people who will do anything to go out with a bang...literally.
32 pgs, full-color. $3.99

See the ad on page 210 of your Previews today!

Born & Reared in New Jersey

I was born & raised in New Jersey and lived there most of my life. I relocated to Florida only because of the weather and will always consider myself a New Jersey native... I hope that my present whereabouts don't put a damper upon my membership in this community, most of the poetry which I have written and is archived in my blog was writing in and around New Jersey so that should account for something.....
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Free Weekly Revolutionary Word Society Workshops

FREE Weekly Workshop held on Wednesday evenings 7-9 in the Main Street Cafe 28 Main Street in Glassboro, NJ. Our workshops will focus on constructive critique and learning new techinques, and you are welcome to bring your work in progress (poetry, fiction, or non-fiction) to share. Donations to help fund future events and provide materials are accepted and appreciated (photocopying and printing gets expensive after a while). Right after the workshop is the Cavalcade of Poetry open mic - the perfect opportunity to perform! These workshops are open to writers of all skill levels, and it's not necessary to attend every week to keep up - just drop in when you can.

For more information, contact us at PoeticRevolt@gmail.com or see http://www.labarc.com/RWS
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