L.B. [neuro-sweet] (inkigirl) wrote in nj_writers,
L.B. [neuro-sweet]

Paranormal DIY style!!

I wrote a new zine!!! You should totally check it out...

30 Pages of short stories from various characters of the House Napenthe collection written by Lola Batling. The stories are in the paranormal romance genre.

A designer drug made from the cast of ectoplasm of the incorporeal dead has been sweeping the streets. Those that use the drug either find themselves tapped with the ability to see and communicate with the deceased or stricken with forgetfulness of moments in their past. Amidst the shady deals and questionable generation of the drug called Nepenthe, a medium and supernatural hodge-podge, Lux Shimshi finds herself dealing not only with those on the drug, but any number of crazy chicanery that goes on behind the mundane curtain of reality

Click here!
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